Collection of Money Owed

Protecting Creditors’ Rights Across Fort Worth

At The Pritchard Law Firm, we have a team of experienced Fort Worth collection lawyers who have represented countless creditors in collecting their debt from consumers. If you need assistance collecting a loan or past due invoice from a debtor, do not hesitate to talk to us. We bring to each case over 45 years of legal experience and insight in consumer collections, both from the debtor and creditor perspectives. Our in-depth knowledge of consumer collections laws and creditors’ rights have helped many businesses recover the debt that their business needs.

Our debt collection services include

  • Advising you of your rights as a creditor and your options
  • Filing paperwork with the courts to pursue a judgment
  • Negotiating repayment of debt with debtors
  • Representing you during court proceedings to object debtor discharge of debts
  • Identifying and challenging fraudulent attempts by debtors to avoid payment

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals. Each case is different, and we are always ready to customize our legal approach according to the needs of your business. Work with us to
find out how we can help you reclaim your unpaid debt and what
your options are at this time.

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