The Pritchard Law Firm PLLC

Represents Clients in Home Equity Loan Foreclosure lawsuits in all counties in Texas.

Services include
  • Examine loan documents to determine if loan qualifies as a home equity loan under Section 50(a)(6) of the Texas Constitution.
  • Send Notice of Default along with Right to Cure and Notice of Intent to Accelerate.
  • Prepare Affidavit in support of Order for Foreclosure, Application for Order of Foreclosure, along with all Notices.
  • File Application with Court.
  • Serve Notice of Application on Borrowers, calendar answer date and submit Order after answer date.
  • Obtain entry of Order for Foreclosure.
  • If answer is filed, schedule Hearing and appear at Hearing to obtain Order of Foreclosures.
  • Once Order is received, commence Non-Judicial Foreclosure proceedings.

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