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If you are a business that needs assistance collecting on overdue car loan debt, contact an experienced Fort Worth car loan collection lawyer at The Pritchard Law Firm. Many businesses suffer from uncollected debt, which hurts their operations and creates financial constraints. At our practice, we are focused on helping businesses just like yours recover debt from loans, services, or other types of judgements. Learn more about how we can use our experience and knowledge to help you recover your car loan debt from consumers.

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Cutting-Edge Debt Collection Strategies

We have over 45 years of legal experience in consumer and debt collections. During this time, we have helped countless businesses effectively recover debt such as car loans using our cutting-edge and creative debt collection methods. Our experiences include consumer law representation from both the creditor and debtor’s perspective. This comprehensive knowledge of laws surrounding debt collection has led to many successes, and led many clients to recommend our services to others. We work hard to ensure that you get the money you are owed.

  • Filing a lawsuit to obtain a judgment
  • Bank levies
  • Wage garnishments
  • Levies on property
  • Combating fraudulent evasion of payment
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We can explore these and many more collection actions available to you. Discuss your car loan collection case with us today. We’ll review the details of the debt and provide you with an honest assessment of what you can expect. Each client will get upfront expectations about our costs and strategies. Transparency and open communication are important, and we work hard to provide personalized attention throughout the duration of a case.

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