Look to the Brazos River…

Posted By David Pritchard || 08/12/2021

Things have changed since I started this blog – Ask the Birddogs. The biggest change is my beloved birddogs Disney and Bela have passed on to dog heaven. However, my wife and I did not wait long to get a new companion. We now have Elsa, a beautiful and very active Portuguese Water Dog. You forget how much energy a puppy has until you get one.

We also moved to Granbury, Texas just off the banks of the Brazos River. We have been here about a month, and I have been fishing about three times a week. The river has striper, hybrids, black bass, and a variety of other fish. I have been wading the river and having a great time. So, if I can paraphrase Elphaba in Wicked, one of my favorite musicals, if you care to find me look to the Brazos River!

The Pritchard Law Firm is still going strong, I am just applying my pandemic skills – working from home – as much as I can. I look forward to continuing to help clients solve their financial and collection issues – just sometimes with wet shoes on.

I have another new adventure, once a month on Saturday mornings, I have agreed to appear on the radio on 1190 AM, on a show called ASK THE EXPERTS. I will be addressing issues concerning options and solutions to financial problems individuals and businesses may being having in this difficult time. Give a listen if you are in the car on Saturday mornings.

As always, we would be glad to help you solve your legal matters. Call The Pritchard Law Firm at 817-285-8017 or email me at david@dlplegal.com.


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